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Invest in your most important piece of golf equipment: your body. Whether you’re an aspiring professional, weekend warrior, or junior golfer, our in-person training produces results.

The philosophy behind the TRAINING

There are four stepping stones to golf fitness: mobility, stability, strength, and power. Each one will improve your performance by reducing your pain, adding distance, and increasing consistency.

Mobility: Prevent future injuries

Mobility is the foundation. Without proper range of motion, you’ll be fighting against your body in every segment of your swing. This leads to compensations and, oftentimes, future injury. We’ll work on your x-factor stretch, help you gain separation, and increase clubhead speed.

Stability: Transfer power efficiently

Every segment of your swing needs to stabilize properly. It can’t have excessive movement, or else it’s an injury risk. Stability lets you transfer power from the ground, up through your body, and into the club at impact. Without stability, your swing is basically leaking power.

Strength: Ground your swing

When you gain functional strength across all planes of motion, you can control more mass during dynamic movements. We achieve this through compound lifts. Your increased strength will support your joints, produce more ground force, and improve your maximum power output.

Power: Gain clubhead speed

Force = Mass x Acceleration. The faster you can produce strength and rotate your body, the more force you can transmit to the ball. We’ll help you with faster and safer acceleration and deceleration, so you can safely increase clubhead speed and transmit more force at impact.

Here's what you get

Proven on every major tour, our system has helped winning PGA and LPGA tour golfers. Take advantage of in-person instruction, specialized equipment, and expert feedback.

Free Evaluation

We’ll discuss your specific goals, health history, and swing characteristics. Then we’ll complete a movement screening to identify limitations and compensations, so I can fine-tune your individualized program.

Personalized Program

It takes a personalized plan to reach your goals. Through attentive training and expert feedback, we’ll build a foundation of correct movement for your body and swing. Then we’ll start building strength and power.

Daily Maintenance Plan

You will get a 15-minute homework routine to correct your limitations and compensations. All based on your free assessment. This routine also serves as a pre-game warm-up and should become part of your lifestyle.

Nutritional Guidance

Your body needs proper fuel to achieve peak performance. Even eating unhealthy, you’ll still see results on my plan. But the combination of my golf program and proper nutrition will supercharge your results.

Take your game to another level.

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