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Ryan blackburn

I grew up playing a variety of sports, all at high levels of competition. My love for athletics drove me to become a trainer and, overtime, to pursue advanced training. It wasn’t long before I had golf-specific evaluation and fitness certifications in my toolkit.

Between my specialized training and experience with hundreds of clients, I’ve learned how to fine-tune the golfer’s body through individualized programming. Each of my clients, from professionals to junior golfers, have thrived under my training programs, reduced risk of injury, and maximized their potential on the course. You can too. Sign up for a free evaluation today.

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How my credentials benefit you.

The application of knowledge is what makes it valuable. I have years of experience applying my advanced training and certifications to a golfer’s unique challenges. Experience a new level of care and expertise in my personalized program.

TPI Golf Fitness Professional

Level 3 (TPI – FP3)

Golf-specific movement screening and training techniques to identify limitations in your body that affect your swing. Fixing these limitations is the fastest way to improve your golf game. Weekly, monthly, and annual periodized training plans are available for touring players.

Functional Movement Specialist

Level 2 (FMS)

Advanced training in movement screening and functional movement training techniques. I can identify muscular imbalances and movement dysfunction in your body, which will limit your performance and eventually lead to injury if left uncorrected.

4D Motion

Specialized education using 3D motion sensors to capture and analyze the biomechanical efficiency and kinematic sequence of your golf swing.

3D Movement Analysis & Performance System


Comprehensive training in human 3D movement analysis and 3D performance training to enhance functional chain reactions in your body in all three planes of motion.

Nike NG360 Golf Performance Specialist


A scientific process of analysis and training used to enhance a golfer’s athleticism and performance in all planes of motion.

Russian Kettlebell Instructor


In-depth kettlebell knowledge and training to help utilize this highly effective tool in your custom training regimen.

Certified Personal Trainer


Whether you’re a first-time health club member or a high-performance athlete, I’ll conduct a thorough assessment and design a goal-driven training program that delivers results. Every piece of your program will be customized and modified for your unique needs.

Performance Enhancement Specialist


Specialized education in training high level athletes to achieve their maximum potential, advanced nutritional concepts for competing athletes, proper periodization to optimize workouts whether you’re in-season or out, and advanced athletic strength and power development.

Start improving your game.

Credentials mean very little without attentiveness and care. Fortunately, I bring both into your training and will dedicate myself to your success.