After Defeating Drayden. Trainers who defeat them receive the Legend Badge. This is also the final badge in the game, and upon receiving it, the player can challenge the Unova Elite Four, or in the anime, participate in the Unova League. However, it needs to be on a Pokemon from the opposite version — a Blitzle or something from your own version won't work, so you'll need to trade with a friend to get one. The Gym specializes in Dragon-type Pokémon. After you defeat Drayden in the Opelucid Gym, there is a disturbance in Opelucid City. Puzzle: After listening to the Plasma speech in Opelucid City, you will be told about the legends by Drayden and Iris. Drayden specializes in Dragon-type Pokémon. After the battle, it is revealed that Iris was to eventually succeed Drayden as the new Opelucid City Gym Leader. The Gym Leader the player battles is dependent on the version being played. The one in Black was futuristic, and looks like it was the inspiration for the Google campus in Silicon Valley. Abilities: The Legend Badge allows for the HM Dive to be used outside of battle. She was one of the Gym Leaders of Opelucid City's Gym, known officially as the Opelucid Gym, giving out the Legend Badge, in Pokémon White. Gym #8 - Opelucid City Gym Location: Opelucid City Gym Leader: Drayden (Black) Iris (White) Specialty: Dragon-type Reward: Legend Badge, TM82. The Legend Badge is given out at the Opelucid City Gym, held by the Gym Leader, Drayden or Iris. Two years later, in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, she is the Champion. Drayden is the eighth and final Gym Leader in the Pokémon Black version only. You can heal up in the pokémon center before you visit Drayden. In Pokémon Black, Black2 and White2, the player will battle Drayden, and in Pokémon White, the player will battle Iris. 68. Drayden appears in Pokémon Black and White where he is the mayor of Opelucid City. He will award the player character the Legend Badge if the player character defeats him. After this, one will leave and go to the gym. O visual da cidade depende das versões: em Black e Black 2, é moderna e futurística, enquanto em White e White 2, é rústica e semelhante a um grande vilarejo. >In a house on the eastern side of town, if you head upstairs, there's a guy that will ask to see a Pokemon with the move Charge. His gym is in Opelucid City in the Unova region. >Iris is a Master Dragon-type Trainer. Once you have defeated the Shadow Triad member at the gate to Route 11, your next stop should be Humilau City, where you get the 8th badge.. You can get there via the Marine Tube from Undella Town.. He is also the mayor of Opelucid City. Opelucid City (Japonês: ソウリュウシティ Souryuu City) é uma cidade situada no norte da região de Unova. In White, he will teach Draco Meteor to the player's Dragon-type Pokémon if they have high friendship. At Opelucid City, she explained that she didn't fit in with the other kids. The Opelucid Gym (Japanese: ソウリュウジム Soryu Gym) is the official Gym of Opelucid City. Opelucid City was different depending on the version you were playing. Go to Drayden's house, to the left of the pokémon center. In Black, he is the Gym Leader of Opelucid City's Gym, the last Gym to be challenged by the player in the region.Trainers who defeat Drayden will receive the Legend Badge, along with TM82 (Dragon Tail).. Outside, Drayden will come out of the gym and ask you to follow him.