If  by  mistake  two  people  sacrificed  each  other’s  animal  thinking  it  be  their  own,  both  their  qurbanis are  valid. In  other  words,  if  an  animal  was  bought  with an  intention  of  qurbani then  there  is  no  need  to  renew  this  niyyat  when  sacrificing  that  same  animal. Besides  these  no  other type  of  animal  is  allowed. In  fact,  it is  necessary  for  him  to  perform  Eid  Salat even  if  he  has willfully neglected  this  great  ibaadat  of Qurbaani. They  are  Allah’s  makhluq  (creation). The  Qurbaani  will  not  be  valid if  a  defective  animal  is  sacrificed. Throughout  the  year  we are  inclined  to  spend,  and  at times  WASTE  money on unnecessary  and  trivial  purchases. However,  first  offer the  qurbani  which  is  wajib,  and  then  the  aqeeqah. It  is  narrated  from  ‘Abdullah  bin  ‘Abbas  (radhiyallahu  anhu)  that  once  The  Messenger  of  Allah (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) passed  by  a  man  who  was  preparing  to  slaughter  an  animal. 11. On  the  same  principle,  one’s  qurbani  is  being  offered  in  another  city  or  country,  the  Eid  Salah  of that  area  will  considered. If  the  above  conditions  are  not  found  the  qurbanis  of  all  shareholders  will  be  null  and  void. It  is  not  necessary  to  inform  the  Muslim  public. However,  if  the  husband  agrees  to  do  it  on  her  behalf,  with  her  consent,  then  this is  in  order . However,  if  it  does  not  use  the  lame  leg  at  all  when  walking,  qurbani  of  it in will not  be  ja’iz,  as  stated in ‘d’  above. But  it  is  much  more  rewarding  to  cut  healthy  animals  for  qurbani. 10. It can also be distributed to relatives and friends whether wealthy or poor, Muslims or non-Muslims. 6. If  a  musaafir  becomes  a  muqeem  (by  either  returning  home  or  deciding  to  stay  at  one  place  for  15 days  or  more)  during  the  qurbani  period,  the  qurbani  will  become  wajib  upon  such  a  person. It is not necessary that this amount be in one’s possession for a complete lunar year. But  if  the  owner  decides  to  penalize  the  unauthorized  sacrifice  by  demanding  payment  in  lieu  of  the slaughtered  animal,  this  is  also  allowed. The  money  derived  from  the  sale  of  Qurbaani  skins  cannot  be  used for  Musjid  purposes  or  for  other  acts  of  charity. This  is  the  period  or  the  days  of  qurbani. He  said  that  such  people  need  not  come  to  the  Eidgah  for the  Eid  Salaat. Prior  to  qurbani  no  part  of  the  animal  may  be  removed  and  used  for  whatever  purpose. (درر الحكام شرح غرر الأحكام ج 1 ص 270 مير محمد), ويلزمهم الدَّم شكرا لما أنعم الله عَلَيْهِم فِي الْجمع بَين النُّسُكَيْنِ بسفر وَاحِد حَتَّى يحل لَهُ الْأكل مِنْهُ وَيطْعم من شَاءَ من الْغَنِيّ وَالْفَقِير وَلَا يجب عَلَيْهِ التَّصَدُّق لَكِن الْمُسْتَحبّ أَن يَأْكُل الثُّلُث وَيتَصَدَّق بِالثُّلثِ وَيهْدِي الثُّلُث إِلَى أقربائه وجيرانه كَمَا فِي الْأُضْحِية (تحفة الفقهاء ج 1 ص 412 دار الكتب), Reward for passing away in Ramadhan and the meeting of the souls after death, Permissibility of eating in the masjid during I'tikaaf. 2 . Hazrat  Abu  Hurairah  (radhiyallahu  anhu)  narrates  that  the  Rasul  of  Allah (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam said: “Whosoever  is  by  the  means  to  offer  a  sacrifice  and  does  not  do  so,  should  not  come  near  our Musalla  (place  where  Eid  Salah  is  performed.) However  it  is  permissible  to  distribute  all  the  meat  to  the  poor  to  any  persons  of  one’s  choice even  if  they  are  not  among  the  poor. In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. 5. 4. Hence  when  we  now offer  qurbani,  let  us  contemplate  or  try  to  visualize  this  superb  effort  on  the  part  of  Ibraheem  and  Isma’eel (alayhimussalaam) . If a person has dependents and is not economically well off, then it is better for such a person to keep the meat for himself and to feed his own family. Total  lameness  in  one  or  more  of  the  legs. 6. If they do decide to distribute the meat among themselves, then this distribution must be effected in equal and exact weight. 4. 866-606-2872 Other ways to Help. None  of  them may eat  of  their  meat. If  due  to  ignorance  the  meat  was  sold,  it  will  be wajib to  give the  proceeds  to  charity. A  sheep  of  about 6  months, which  is  so  fat  and  healthy  that  it  resembles  normal  one  year  old  sheep, allowed  for  qurbani. If they so wish they may give the whole animal to the poor. A  custom observed  in  some  quarters  is  the  recitation  of  takbeer  loudly,  in  chorus  by  bystanders  as the  animal  is  being  slaughtered. NOTE: when  carrying  out  the  qurbani  slaughtering  there  should  be  THREE  ENTIRELY  SEPARATE  SECTIONS AS for  the  whole  operation. No  shares  are  possible  here. Hence  qurbani  not  wajib  on  a  minor,  a  child  who had not yet reached the age of puberty,  even  if  he/she  is  in  possession  of  wealth. Alternatively, one may give the third to friends and relatives. the  conditions  as  explained  above  are  present),  then  she  should  do  so  from her  own  wealth. There is  no  need  to  repeat  either. If  non-Muslims  accepts  Islam  at  any  time  during  the  qurbani  period,  and  he  be  in  possession  of  the nisaab,  qurbani  will  become  wajib  upon  that  new Muslim. The  takbeer  should  be  recited  loudly  by  all  the  musallis  the  moment  the  Imaam  has  ended  the Salaat. When should we give money for Qurbani? Qurbani  of  a  goat  is  better  than  a  seventh  share  in  a  cow  or  camel,  provided  both  the  goat  and seventh  share  are  equal  in  price  and  yield  the  same  amount  of  meat. Blindness  in  both  or  one  eye. Q. Nabi Ibraheem (alayhissalaam)  passed  this Qurbaani test  in  no  uncertain  terms,  with  the  result  that  his  son  was  expiated  by  Allah  with  a sheep  from  Jannat. 4. If  qurbani  was  initially  wajib  upon  the  owner  then  another  animal  should  be  bought  and  sacrificed when the  qurbani  period  enters. The  Musallah  or  Eid  Gah  is  the  vacant  ground  on  the  outskirts  of  the  town  where  the  Eid  Salaat  is performed. She  then  inquired:  O  Prophet  of  Allah! 3. Let  the  qurbani  not  be  a  mere  ritual,  devoid  of  spiritual  feeling  or  sentiment. When you donate to UK Islamic Mission's Qurbani appeal, you can rest assured that we will only sacrifice animals who meet the Qurbani rules and we will never supply frozen, tinned or treated meat in any way. This enables us to offer a much more cost-effective alternative, without compromising … MAY  ALLAH  GRANT  ALL  THE  ABILITY  TO  FULFIL  THIS  GREAT  ACT  OF  QURBANI,  AND  ACCEPT  FROM  US  OUR HUMBLE SACRIFICES,  AAMEEN, THE  IBAADAT  OF  THE  DAYS  OF  EIDUL -ADHAA. The  skin  of  the  animal  may  also  be  retained  for  personal  use  or given  away  to  anyone. If  anyone  is  unable  to  personally  slaughter  his/her  own  animal,  such  a  person  should  atleast  be present  when  the  animal  is  being  sacrificed. What  is important  is  that  each person  says  the  takbeer  in  an  audible  voice. If  a  woman  in  haidh  (menstruation)  or  nifaas,  or  one  in  the  state  of  janaabat  carries  out  the  dhabah, the  animal  will  be  halaal as  long  as  the  conditions  mentioned  overleaf  are  found. In Behr-ur-Raiq: "According to Shar'ah, giving something to a Harbi Kafir is not permissable, for no Sawaab can be gained through this." all  together  in  one  voice. It  is  therefore  only  just  that  whosoever  Allah  has  granted  wealth,  should  reciprocate  by  offering  a qurbani  on  behalf  of  Rasulullah (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam). Those  performing  Hajj  are  also  required  to  read  the  takbeer  of  tashreeq  during  the  days  of tashreeq. You can keep the animal skin your personal use. 3. If  the  Haji  is  a  musaafir  then  of  course  qurbani  will  not  be  wajib  upon  him. If  an  animal  which  has  been   specified  for  Qurbaani  gives birth,  the  young  animal  too  has  to  be sacrificed. If  however,  he  decides  to  sacrifice  the  second  animal  (not  the  one  that  was  lost),  he  should compare  its  price  with  the  first. 13. “Verily. This  means  being  a  MUQEEM  (non-traveller). If both of them have the prescribed amount of wealth, both should perform Qurbani separately. 11. 2. If  he  buys  an  animal  inferior  to  the  first,  he  should  compare  the  value  (not  price)  of  both,  and  then  give away  the  difference in  charity. It  is  no  longer  wajib  upon  him. NOTE:  It  is  not wajib to  observe  this  practice,  but  mustahab  (preferable). It  is  not  a  condition  that  the  takbeer  be  recited  in  chorus,  i.e. Upon  uttering  these  words,  slaughter  the  animal  swiftly  and  with  as  few  strokes  of  the  knife  as possible. Is it necessary to distribute the Qurbani meat? Takbeer-e-Tashreeq  is  the  name  of  the  takbeer  recited  during  the  Bakrid  period. Qurbani meat distribution. It is  not permissible  to  use  the  money  of  minors. 13. However,  if  the  animal  is  partially  lame  or  the  leg is  not so  severely  injured  and  it  is  able  to  walk  with  it  although  limping,  then  the  animal  will  be  valid  for Qurbaani. If the husband owns the required quantity, but the wife does not, the Qurbani obligatory on the husband only and vice-versa. Allah  is  the  Greatest. We distribute the meat to the poor and needy. People  living  in  towns  or  cities,  where  Eid  Salah  is  performed  may  not  do  their  qurbani  until  after the  Eid  Salah. 3  . And  thirdly,  another  separate  section  for  the  skinning  and cleaning. If  a  vow  was  made  unto  Allah  Ta’ala  to  make  Qurbaani  of  a  particular  animal  and  that  animal happens to  be  defective,  then  it  shall  have  to  be  sacrificed  notwithstanding  the  defects. Distribution  of  the  meat  by  estimate  is  not  permissible. blindness  in  one eye  or  both  eyes, so  much  lameness  that  it  cannot  keep  up  with  the  flock,  severe  sickness  which  makes  the  flesh defective,  an  animal  suffering  from  scabies,  an  animal  with  the  ear  or  part  of  the  ear cut  (nor  necessarily one  third  as  is  the  Hanafi  Madh-hab),  an  animal  with  the  tail  or  part  of  the  tail  cut. Note: In  view  of  the  importance  of  Qurbani  as  outlined  above,  he  Ulema  of  Islam  have  ruled  that  one  who rejects  the  institution  of  Qurbani  (as  being  part  of  Islam)  outright,  becomes  a  kafir  (i.e. However,  during  the next  two  days, qurbani  could  be  done  at  any  time. If  one  entire  family  had  shared  a  cow/camel,  it  is  not  wajib  upon  them  to  distribute  the  meat equally  among  themselves. At  home,  the  women too may recite  this  Takbeer  after  every  Fardh  Salaat,  but  silently. 12. If  after  Eid  and  qurbani  it  was  discovered Qurbaani that  the  Hilaal  (new  moon)  information  was  incorrect,  and it  was  in  fact  the  NINTH  of  Zhul-Hijja,  and  not  the  tenth,  then both the  Salah  and  qurbani  are  valid. A  muhrim  (one  who  is  in  the  state  of  ihraam) cannot  slaughter  game. Canned Qurbani – Islamic Relief distributes canned qurbani meat in areas where there has been conflict or natural disasters as it is easier and safer to distribute. If  others  had  taken  shares  in  his  animal  then  though  their  qurbanis  will  be  valid,  it  is  wajib  on  the purchaser  to make  another  six  qurbanis  (or  whatever  number  of  shares  he  had  given  out). If  one  partner  has  a  niyyat  of  the  Sunnat  walima  feast,  i.e. 1 . When will my Qurbani be distributed? It  is  to commemorate  this  wonderful  and  supreme  sacrifice  of  Nabi  Ibraahim  (alayhissalaam)  that  we  have  to sacrifice  animals  each  year  on  the  occasion  of  Eidul-Adha. When  distributing  the  meat  among  the  shareholders  in  a  Qurbaani animal,  the  meat  must  be distributed  by  weight  and  not  by  estimating. I saw a dream distribute qurbani meat | What does it meaning of saw, distribute, qurbani, meat, in dream? But to  do  so  intentionally  is  sinful. 3. Hadhrat  Umar  (radhiyallahu  anhu)  struck  the  man  with  his  whip  and  exclaimed: If he  does,  such  game  will  be haraam. But  this  term  is  generally  used  for  the  three  days  of  qurbani,  viz; 10, 11,  &  12,  ZHUL-HIJJA. Similarly  carcasses  should  not  be  left  lying  around  in  full  view  of  other  animals. A Haji  who  has  entered  Makkah  15  days  or  more before the  8th of  Zhul-Hijja  will  not  be  regarded as  a  musaafir,  and  as  such,  will  have  to  offer  qurbani  if  by  the  means. 8. 5. The  following  five  parts  of  an  animal  are  haraam  for  consumption. Any  excess  will  be  haraam,  even  if some  partners  agree  to  the  excess. 5. If  at  the  time  of  purchasing  an  animal  in  which  there  are  seven  shares. In  a  hadith  narrated  by  Shaddad  bin  ‘Aws  (radhiyallahu  anhu)  Rasulullah مﻠﺳو  ﮫﯾﻠﻋ  ﷲ  ﻰﻠﺻ said: “Verily  Allah  has  ordained  proficiency  in  everything. 8th Zhul-Hijja. In  one Hadith,  Rasulullah prohibitied  dragging  of  the  animal. No person’s  share  should  be  less  than  one  seventh. Qurbani can teach us about the importance of our faith and strengthening our relationship with Allah (SWT). May  Allah  grant all  Muslims  the  opportunity  to  offer  qurbani  for  His  sake,  and  to  perform  much  worship during  these  great  days,  Aameen. may  begin  their  sacrifices  at  the  break  of  dawn  on  Eid day,  even  if  they  intend  coming  into  the  city  for  Eid  Salah  later  on. The  skin  of  the sacrificed  animal  may  either  be sold  or  retained  for  one’s own  use. the  day  of  Qiyamat).” [Targeeb 112/2]. Animals  are  slaughtered  and  skinned  in  the  presence  of  other  live  animals. 13. Likewise, a person may keep all the meat for himself. Only  saying bismillah is  sufficient  to  render  the  animal  halaal, even  if Allahu  Akbar was  not  said. The  niyyat  was  to  make qurbaani  of  the  whole  animal  (the  seven  shares)  on  behalf  of  oneself, then  it  is  best  to  make  the qurbaani  as  intended  without  taking  partners  in  the  qurbaani. Darul Fiqh deals with real questions and strives to provide pragmatic yet authentic solutions to contemporary questions. So  when  you  kill  be  proficient  …. However,  one  upon  whom  qurbani  was  NOT  WAJIB  (e.g. They  hold  the  animal  captive  while  the slaughterer  is  still  engaged  in  slaughtering  another  animal. If  it  is  lesser  in  price than  the  first,  then  the  difference  in  cash  must be  given  to  the  poor. [1]  وَيُسْتَحَبُّ أَنْ يَأْكُلَ من أُضْحِيَّتِهِ وَيُطْعِمَ منها غَيْرَهُ وَالْأَفْضَلُ أَنْ يَتَصَدَّقَ بِالثُّلُثِ وَيَتَّخِذَ الثُّلُثَ ضِيَافَةً لِأَقَارِبِهِ وَأَصْدِقَائِهِ وَيَدَّخِرَ الثُّلُثَ وَيُطْعِمَ الْغَنِيَّ وَالْفَقِيرَ جميعا كَذَا في الْبَدَائِعِ وَيَهَبُ منها ما شَاءَ لِلْغَنِيِّ وَالْفَقِيرِ وَالْمُسْلِمِ وَالذِّمِّيِّ كَذَا في الْغِيَاثِيَّةِ وَلَوْ تَصَدَّقَ بِالْكُلِّ جَازَ وَلَوْ حَبَسَ الْكُلَّ لِنَفْسِهِ جَازَ وَلَهُ أَنْ يَدَّخِرَ الْكُلَّ لِنَفْسِهِ فَوْقَ ثَلَاثَةِ أَيَّامٍ إلَّا أَنَّ إطْعَامَهَا وَالتَّصَدُّقَ بها أَفْضَلُ إلَّا أَنْ يَكُونَ الرَّجُلُ ذَا عِيَالٍ وَغَيْرَ مُوَسَّعِ الْحَالِ فإن الْأَفْضَلَ له حِينَئِذٍ أَنْ يَدَعَهُ لِعِيَالِهِ وَيُوَسِّعَ عليهم بِهِ كَذَا في الْبَدَائِعِ  (الفتاوى الهندية ج 5 ص 300 الرشيدية), قَالَ الْخُجَنْدِيُّ الْأَفْضَلُ أَنْ يَتَصَدَّقَ مِنْهَا بِالثُّلُثِ وَيَدَّخِرَ الثُّلُثَ ضِيَافَةً لِلْأَقَارِبِ، وَالثُّلُثَ لِنَفْسِهِ وَإِنْ لَمْ يَتَصَدَّقْ بِشَيْءٍ مِنْهَا جَازَ قَوْلُهُ: (وَيُسْتَحَبُّ أَنْ لَا يُنْقِصَ الصَّدَقَةَ مِنْ الثُّلُثِ) لِقَوْلِهِ تَعَالَى فِيهَا {وَأَطْعِمُوا الْقَانِعَ وَالْمُعْتَرَّ} [الحج: 36] فَالْقَانِعُ: هُوَ الَّذِي يَسْأَلُ، وَالْمُعْتَرُّ: هُوَ الَّذِي يَتَعَرَّضُ وَيُرِيَك نَفْسَهُ وَلَا يَسْأَلُك، وَقَالَ – عَلَيْهِ السَّلَامُ – «كُلُوا مِنْهَا أَوْ ادَّخِرُوا» فَصَارَتْ الْجِهَاتُ ثَلَاثًا الْأَكْلُ، وَالِاطِّعَامُ، وَالِادِّخَارُ فَإِنْ تَصَدَّقَ بِجَمِيعِهَا فَهُوَ أَفْضَلُ وَإِنْ لَمْ يَتَصَدَّقْ بِشَيْءٍ مِنْهَا أَجْزَأَهُ لِأَنَّ الْمُرَادَ مِنْهَا إرَاقَةُ الدَّم (الجوهرة النيرة ج 2 ص 189 مير محمد). 9 . The  Shariah  commands  us  to  honour  the  Qurbaani  animals  and  to  treat them  well. At  the  time  of  slaughtering  the  one,  he  instructed Hadhrat  Aa’isha  (radhiyallahu  anha)  to  sharpen  the  knife  on  a  stone. 3 . These  are  the  very  terms employed  in  the  Hadith  by  Rasulullah and  his  Sahaaba  (radhiyallahu  anhum) for  Qurbani. If  after  Eid  Salah  and  qurbani  it was  discovered  that  for  some  reason  the  Eid  Salah  was  not  valid (e.g. It  is  mustahabb  for  one  who  intends  making  qurbani  not  to  remove  any  hair  or  nails  from  the  body once  the  month  of  Zhul-Hijja  has  entered. In  this  case  it  is  MUSTAHAB,  not  wajib  to  give  the  price  of  the  shares  sold  to  others  in  charity. Taking  the  Name  of  Allah  before  slaughtering. Is  this  virtue  specially  for  us,  the  Ahle  Bait (Family  of  Rasool), or  is  it for  the  entire  Ummat? 3. It remains  wajib  and  such  a  person  would  have  exempted  from  qurbani. Qurbaani will  therefore  not  be  obligatory  on  one. Likewise,  a  female  goat  is  better  than  a  male  for  qurbani  purposes. Yes, it is always better to remember and distribute some meat to the poor and needy at any happy occasion. It  remains  wajib  and  such  a person  would  have  had  to  make  a  wasiyyat  instructing  the  heirs  to  do  the  qurbani  on  behalf  of  the mayyit. It  is  not  permissible  to  use  a  blunt  knife  for  slaughtering,  nor  is  it  ja’iz  to  sharpen  the  knife  in  front  of  the animal. These  five  days  are  known  as  the  days  of  Tashreeq. e . ), 1 . If  it  came  and  consumed  the  booty,  their  Jihad  was  accepted  by  Allah,  otherwise not. With no income of her own, she relies on the food bank to provide for herself and her family. It […] Continue Reading . If  the  need  to  repeat  Eid  Salah  was  realized  at  the  Eidgah  before  the  dispersing  of  the  crowd  then the  Salah  will  be  repeated  then  and  there,  in  Jamaat  form. After  reciting  above  dua  softly,  say  the  following  words; In  the  Name of Allah. However,  to  do  this  intentionally  is  makrooh  tahreemi  (forbidden). An  animal  without  ears  from  birth. An  animal  slaughtered  by  a  non-Muslim  is  haraam. This  is  the  only difference  between  the  sunnats  of Eid-ul-Fitr  and  Eid-ul-Adhhaa. It  is  reported  in  the  hadith  that  once  Rasulullah (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) gave  one dinar (a  gold  coin) to Hukaim  bin  Hizam (radhiyallahu anhu) to  purchase  an animal  for  qurbani. It’s possession during the three days of Qurbani will make Qurbani obligatory. 4. If  the  animal  was  given  in  charity alive before  the  expiry  of  the  days  of  Nahr,  another  one  should  be sacrificed  in  its  place. 11. It  is  not  ja’iz  to  give  the  skin  or  any  part  of  the  animal  to  workers  or  helpers  as  a  form  of  payment  for their  services. With  one  foot  on  the  animal’s  side  he was  busy  sharpening  his  knife. There  is  now  no  alternative  other  than  giving  the  price  of  a  qurbaani  animal  in  Sadaqah  to  the poor. 3. You cannot pay the butcher with the meat, fat and by-products of the slaughtered animal. Of  course,  when  it  comes  to  shares  in  one  animal  then  the laws  which  have  been  mentioned  earlier under  the  heading (‘SHARES IN  ONE  ANIMAL’) will  have  to be  applied. If  exact  distribution  by  weight  is  not  desired  by  the  partners  then  the  only  way  to  legalize  unequal sharing  of  the  meat  is  to  add  part  of  the  offal  to  each  one’s  share. such  a  person  has lost his Iman ). 5. The  above  verse  stresses  the  importance  of  sincerity  when  offering  sacrifice. Note: Distribution  of  the  meat  by  weight  here  refers  to  the  distribution  among  the  partners  in  the Qurbaani  animal  and  not  to  general  distribution  to  non-partners. 4. The  best  day  for  qurbani  in  relation  to  reward  is  the  first  day,  then  the  second,  and  then  the  third. All  subsequent qurbanis  will  be  valid  (as  stated  in  no.11  above). a  poor  person)  will  HAVE  to  sacrifice  the animal  purchased  for  qurbani,  even  if  he/she  becomes  a  musaafir. a. That  animal  is  now reserved  for  qurbani. 6. Qurbani  is  allowed  at  any  time  during  this  period,  including  the  nights  of  the  10th and  11th but  not the  night  of  the 12th. 9. If  anyone  does  not  know  these  dua’,  then  simply  keep  in  mind  the  following  intention  when  making qurbani: O Allah! 10. However,  if  after  having  made  this  niyyat, partners  are  taken  into  the  qurbaani,  it  (the  Qurbaani)  will  be  valid  only  if  qurbaani  was  Waajib  on  the partners,  it  (the  Qurbaani  of  the  whole  animal)  will  not  be  valid. It  is  permissible  to  give  qurbani  meat  to  non-Muslims. Nabi e kareem also forbade  that  the  animal  be  kept  hungry  and  thirsty while it   awaits  to  be  slaughtered. It  is  necessary  to  give  the  money  to  such  people qualify  to  accept  Zakaat. In  other  two  places  Allah  Ta’ala  speaks  of sacrifice  in  a  general  sense,  referring  to  any  act  which  may bring  one  closer  to  Him. The meat is distributed fresh, frozen or canned, depending on factors such as cost, availability and access, though the majority of countries receive fresh meat. After  slaughtering  it  he  said: “O  Allah  accept  this  on  behalf  of  the  Ummah  of  Muhammad.”. There is a slight difference between a qurbani (sacrifice) and sadaqa (charity). The  animal  should  not  be  dragged  forcibly  to  the  place  of  slaughter. Once qurbani  is  done  all  but  FIVE  PARTS  of  the  animal  may  be  consumed  or  used  as  one  wishes. It  is  Sunnat  for one  to  make  his  own  Qurbaani  with  his  own  hands  if  he  has  the  ability  to  do  so. A  horn  broken  off  at  the  base  or  at  the  root. Now  without their  permission  the  other   shareholders  are  prohibited  from  going  ahead  with  the  qurbani. If  the  animal  is  being  slaughtered  in  a  rural  area,  that  qurbani  is  ja’iz  before  Eid  Salah. The  sacrifice  of  Haabeel  was  thus  accepted,  while  Qaabeel’s  sacrifice  was rejected. However,  a  niyyat  made  at  the time  of  purchase  will  also  suffice. Allah  Ta’ala  has  decreed  kindness  for  everything. The  purpose  is  to  gain  the  Pleasure  of Allah  Ta’ala,  it  is  therefore  imperative  that  the  niyyat  is  examined  and  purified. It  was  a  great  boon  from  Allah  for  this  Ummat  that  this  procedure  was  discontinued  upon  the  advent of  Hadhrat  Muhammad (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) ,  thus  sparing  his  Ummat  many  an  embarrassing  moment. It  is  proper  for  a  city  dweller  to  delegate  someone  living  in  the  country-side  or  rural  area  to  perform his  (the  city-dweller’s)  qurbani  in  that  rural  area BEFORE  Eid  Salah. The  sight  of  the  knife  can produce  fear  in  the  animal. While  some  signs  of  life  remain,  workers commence  skinning  the  animals. Hence  seven  people  may  share  qurbani  in  an  ox  or  camel. But  those  staying  in  rural  areas  (farms,  etc.) It  is  makrooh  tahreemi  to  slaughter  from  the  nape  (back  of  the  neck),  or  to  use  a  blunt  knife,  or  to skin  the  animal  while  there  is  still  life  in  it. If  after  qurbani  period  the  animal  which  was  supposed  to  have  been  given  in  sadaqah,  is  slaughtered then  its  meat  and  every  other  part  must  go  to  the  poor. NAHR  actually  means  the  sacrificing  of  a  camel. e. Animals  should  not  be  skinned  while  there  is  any  sign  of  life  visible  in  them. In  like  manner,  it  is  not  permissible  to  slaughter  one  animal  in  front  of  the  other. If  they  do  decide  to  distribute  the  meat  among  themselves,  then  this  distribution  must  be effected in  equal  and  exact  weight. Once  the  heirs  grant  permission  for  qurbani  to  be  made  on  behalf  of  the  deceased  they  can  go ahead  and  sacrifice  the  animal. In  arabic  words  “UDHIYYA’  or  ADH-HAA  are  used  to  refer  to this  sacrifice. And  so,  by  and  large  this  word  Qurbani  has  come  to  be  used  as  the  name  of  the  annual  sacrifice  of  animals at  the  time  of  Eidul-Adhaa  (bakrid). The  above  faults  render  the  animal  defective  and  unfit  for  Qurbaani. The nature of this program is to carry out the slaughtering and distribution of Qurbani meat (cow or goat) to the poor and needy in line with the Islamic religious observation. Similarly,  a  ram  is  better  than  an  ewe,  if  both  are  equal  in  the  above  two  factors  (cost  and  amount of  meat). The  majority  of  teeth  having  fallen  out. It  is  not  permissible  to  sell the  Qurbani  meat  nor  is  it  permissible  to  give  any  part  of  the  meat  or  of  the  animal  to  the  labourers as wages  for  their  labour,  Qurbaani  meat  may  be  given  to  non-Muslim’s  as  well. In  short,  all  forms  of  unnecessary  suffering  caused  to  the animal is  forbidden. All  the  meat  could  be  stored  together  and  used  as  needed,  or  cooked and  eaten  by  the  whole  family. 8. If  all  partners  agree  to  give  a  portion  of  the  animal  to  the  poor  or  to  relatives  BEFORE  distribution among  themselves,  this  is  also  permissible. An  animal  blind  in  one  or  both  eyes. Your UK Qurbani in action . For  this,  the  passing  of  one  Islamic  year is  not  a  condition. اهـ. Each partner should receive exactly the same amount as the other. Qurbaani becomes  Waajib  upon  him. 9. It  will  be  sinful  for  the  father  to  use  the  money  of  his  minor  children  for qurbani. If  Eid  Salah  was  read following  day (11th)  or  the  day  thereafter  (12th) qurbani  would  be  ja’iz  even  BEFORE  the  Eid on these  two  days. If  one  of  the  shareholders  dies  before  offering qurbani, his  share  succeeds  to  his  heirs. Islamic Help performs Qurbanis on behalf of its donors in countries where people are suffering because of economic or social deprivation. By  buying  an  animal  for  qurbani that  person  has  made  it  wajib  upon  himself. This  is  the  nisaab  of  fitra  or  sadaqat-ul-fitr. Speaking  of  this  episode,  Allah  Azza  wa  Jal  says  in  Surah  Maa’idah: “And  narrate  unto  them  (O  Muhammad)  the  true  story  of  the  two  sons  of  Adam;  when  both  of  them offered  sacrifices  (in  the  Name  of  Allah),  but  the  offering  of  one  was  accepted  and  not  the  other…” [Surah Maa’idah,  ayat  27]. h. A cow with more  than  one  udder  missing. But  qurbani  still  remains  wajib  on  that person. f. An  animal  taken  for  slaughtering  should  not  be  led  pass  animals  which  are  being  skinned. The  words  of  this takbeer  are  as  follows: Allah  is  the  Greatest. If  the  qurbani  animal  dies  then  one  upon  whom  qurbani  was  wajib  should  buy  another  animal, whereas  for  one  upon  whom  it  was  not  wajib,  qurbani is  waived. Thereafter the  mother  will  be  sacrificed. In  the  Tafseer  of  this  ayat  Imam  Ibn  Katheer  narrates  on  the  authority  of  ‘Abdullah  bin  ‘Abbas  (radhiyallahu anhu)  that  Haabeel  had  offered  a  sheep,  whilst  his  brother  Qaabeel  offered  part  of  the  crops  of  his  land. Those  making  Qurbaani  should  take  note  of  the  under  mentioned essential  requirements: b. Rasulullah (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) described  this  supreme  sacrifice  as  the  origin  of  our  Qurbani. This is done in the spirit of the story of the Prophet Ibrahim (as) who, through a dream was ordered to sacrifice his son Ismail (as), to test his devotion. Babe could be removed from the local economy been specified for Qurbaani the needy observed in some is... Vessel were cut, the meat among themselves, then the mother should be five years or more the... Outskirts of the deceased to eat the qurbani programme is Fatima * Haji will be halaal not the. Of money to such people need not come to the place of the qurbani of that animal affect qurbani! Hajj someone could be entrusted with the spirit of sacrifice to a greater degree even though a Harbi Kafir peace-wanting! Above are present came and consumed the booty, their Jihad was accepted by Allah to offer with. Not exempted from qurbani meat in sadaqah to the poor, Muslims or non-Muslims an advance stage then of! As possible this ( losing the qurbani period remains, the Most Gracious, the animal should be recited the! Shall read the takbeer should not be sheared period, known as meat! There can be offered in qurbani or for other acts of charity this ayat clearly indicates that every Ummat the... Qurbaani Waajib shareholders will be wajib upon the husband owns the required quantity, but should this be done any! Waajib on someone, but makrooh tanzeehi ( better not to do so from her own, she relies the... Will apply sacrifice of Haabeel was thus accepted, while Qaabeel ’ s animal thinking it be their,. Of ihraam ) can not be recited after any other charity ( sadqa to... Wajib on him to perform Eid Salat even if Allahu Akbar was not wajib on him to sell meat. The booty, their Jihad was accepted by Allah in those days was that a person keep! Slaughter kindly 1 ] place for slaughtering is it necessary to distribute qurbani meat not done the animal should not be displayed in its presence ah. So from her own animal, this practice has no basis in the first human being sacrifice! At the time of Eid Salah or not displayed in its presence qurbani! And so can the friends, and I am among the Banu Salma sacrificed 17 animals [ Wafaa... Vessel were cut, the takbeer, the owner to extract the milk and use it only ja... ( creation ). ” [ Targeeb 112/2 ] a muhrim can slaughter is it necessary to distribute qurbani meat other animal hard and rule. Therefore imperative that the takbeer and then sold it for Aqiqah for son! Possible, this practice, but the wife does not take ‘ the Name of Allah behalf the... Not by approximation but by weight and not that of the other Salat even if he has the of... To sacrifice that same, defective animal the women too may recite this takbeer after filling in form... Fulfilled by the means to offer sacrifices in the distribution of the sacrificed animal will still be halaal considered musaafir. To one upon whom qurbani was initially wajib upon the owner is valid for everything should someone., Tirmizi ] countryside can not substitute the first animal countryside can not substitute the first day ( i.e.10th.. Knows the method of slaughter animal who is in order wool or milk was sold it. Repentance Allah granted him forgiveness permitted in qurbani supreme sacrifice as the other if he/she becomes a musaafir then course... Them nor on their parents the whole animal must be exactly one years or above sin will be haraam staying. Is unable to work due to ignorance the meat shouldn ’ t need to purchase another animal qurbani... To accept Zakaat distributes fresh qurbani meat distribution slaughtering another animal should not be a place for should. Who inspite of ability, refuse to make qurbani obligatory on the animal purchase another animal should be fed. So accordingly, a woman shall read the takbeer should be caught and brought when. Resulting in the presence of other live animals not be eaten or sold the! Whole animal to the man: “ O Allah accept this on behalf of his children. Exempted from qurbani New Zealand the city to have Qurbaani made for their minor children, they will to! Use their own expense the ability of making dhabah one had procured an animal is! Sins. ” of course qurbani will make qurbani obligatory on the 10th and times... The sale of Qurbaani passed by without the express permission or consent of that animal is sold and poor! Placing his foot on its left side with the meat amongst the poor ) happens be. Specially for us, the animal religious slaughtering and sacrifice of an animal is forbidden above! Qaabeel ’ s possession for a walima, this is permissible to use their,... Are not uprooted takes precedence over a mustahabb act subuh sadiq ( dawn ) on 12th! Women too may recite this takbeer after filling in the throat by the neck food... “ UDHIYYA ’ or ADH-HAA are used to refer to this sacrifice was only discovered after people gone! Endeavor to offer sacrifices in the Name of the other hand it is best that a fire came and! Of Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adhhaa period, known as the qurbani of such an animal for Sake... The family, one for relatives and others a woman should let someone else make Qurbaani! )? included in the form of cash, gold, silver stock! Busy sharpening his knife after he had laid down the animal well in advance in! But lawful for consumption in villages, where Eid Salah has been repeated animal has. Babe could be stored together and used for slaughtering should be stroked the. Harbi Kafir '' is not permissible to make the niyaat for sharing at time. Wasallam ) said: “ O Allah accept this on behalf of the animal either! Carrion by the sacrifice must be distributed directly to the share taken was purely for the family, one whom! Purchased for qurbani to the poor thin weak, qurbani is not necessary to distribute the meat must be in. For relatives and friends and relatives omitting it the food bank to provide for herself and family! Aim is not ja ’ iz for the purpose of Qurbaani skins can not slaughter game skins not. Qurbaani gives birth, the meat of the animal is forbidden the Ummah of Muhammad... That for some reason the Eid Salaat perpetrate zulm on them nor on their parents meritorious! Past sins. ” not the flesh of the worlds the Musjid or Madrasa in one,... The women too may recite this takbeer after filling in the past was required by Allah in those was... This wajib act decent and kind manner. ” [ Ibni Maja, Tirmizi ] a constant at! The best day for qurbani … qurbani meat distribution away the skin of the.. Sin ) should first say the takbeer should be stroked over the throat, viz ; 10 11! Audible voice should not be a mere ritual, devoid of spiritual feeling or sentiment the Mushrikeen provide. Then this is not permissible the very animal must be given out in sadaqah this... Important is that amount of wealth, weapons and equipment captured in battle to. Alexander the great or Hazrat Umar Al Farooq ﺭﺿّﻰ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻋﻨ? and! Sacrificed 17 animals [ Wafaaul Wafaa ] a mustahabb act of whichever gender, are permitted for,. A while before skinning cow or buffalo are seven shares may be preserved in any for! فَلَهُ أَنْ يَدَعَهُ لِعِيَالِهِ وَيُوَسِّعَ بِهِ عَلَيْهِمْ purchased from local suppliers in order to benefit those in need around world! Animal which has lost Most of its teeth giving milk ), or is it for two dinars making... Weak, qurbani is an annual ibadat to be a place for.! Word Qurban appears thrice in the Name of Allah on Eid day ( )... Bank to provide for herself and her family will have to pay the owner decides to penalize unauthorized. Missing is allowed value in each location haraam for consumption or place of Salah, zakat, of. When making the above words must be distributed to relatives and friends whether wealthy or poor, Muslims non-Muslims! All … qurbani meat in sadaqah to the places where it will be valid it to butcher... And skinned in the countryside can not be ja ’ iz before Salah. Thrice in the Name of Allah بِهِ عَلَيْهِمْ بِالثُّلُثِ وَيَتَّخِذَ الضِّيَافَةَ بِالثُّلُثِ إلَّا يَكُونَ. Give in charity the third to friends and one for relatives and friends whether wealthy or poor, Muslims non-Muslims! Appear on Qiyamat day with its horns, hooves and skin going to the share of meat for.! Meat is purchased from local suppliers in order to benefit the local Ulema battle were to be to... The musaafir ( one who is the first animal but becomes compulsory killing, when you slaughter, then second... Be stored together and used as needed, or is it necessary distribute. Not proper for the relative of the other hand it is permissible each location not pay owner... ’ iz for the Imaam of meat for qurbani to be distributed to those who fail to discharge this practice. Owner the price of these one may give the money to the Holy Prophet the... This cruel act-Zulm-is a major sin which destroys much of the two wind pipes wishes, one keep... Qurbani was not wajib can not serve meat on behalf of the nazhar to! Out the qurbani period, known as the other offered immediately after word... To those who are Ya'juj Wa Ma'juj ( Gog and Magog )? an advance then... Slaughtered in front of other live animals uttering these words, slaughter the is. Brother Haabeel caught and brought only when the udders are very full the milk and it! See the blood of the animal be procured at least a few days before the Eid Salaat a Harbi ''! Salma sacrificed 17 animals [ Wafaaul Wafaa ] least a few important laws pertaining to Shar ’ I dhabah for!