[1], Just as the player tracked Savik to the Ancient Proving Grounds with the aid of the Untamed, she sent him off in an Imperial shuttle equipped with a sensor jammer, keeping him from being tracked; Petryph bade Onderon farewell, promising to return and reclaim his throne. Additionally, she sought to use Petryph as a puppet to gain access to Onderon's resources for the Empire. Rash and Kalani sent a massive army along with new HMP droid gunships to eradicate the rebels. News. Regalun Petryph was a human male who served as King of Onderon during the renewed Galactic War between the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic. However, a small band of rebels started fighting against the droids and Sanjay's rule and were forced to retreat into the jungles. Eye color It is just a warning that you are about to leave this website. With the help of the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic, Steela Gerrera's insurgents fought a successful campaign to drive the battle droid army off of Onderon. 19 BBY,[2] Onderon[1] Star Wars The Old Republic. Based on the Star Wars Legends, created by George Lucas and Lucasfilm. Gender Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This article or section is in need of referencing per Wookieepedia's sourcing guidelines. Onderon Royal Family[1]Sith Empire[1] STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > General Discussion Onderon Collector Mission Reply. Help us. Died King Ommin’s Exoskeleton. Crypt Map. [2], In 3627 BBY, Petryph was approached by Darth Savik of the Dark Council. After a short battle the rebels were able to take down the battle droids and were ready to head inside the capital. It is obtained on Onderon by interacting with the datapad at the Royal Hunting Lodge or in the city of iziz. Biographical information Sanjay Rash was a human male monarch who ruled as King of Onderon during the Clone Wars. These are all throwbacks to Onderon’s history, and I’m sitting here squealing in delight at the KOTOR II references. There are a few “bad luck prevention systems” in place to assure you get decent loot at least once in a while. Male, Dimensions. "...and six of you students were shot out in the decent to the planet. Fair[1] To ensure Onderon's prosperity and strength in the shifting galaxy would require a strong alliance -- and that meant striking an accord with the Separatists. Physical description The player can then kill Petryph and/or Nebet from hiding, gaining dark side points, yet costing the Empire's chance to control Onderon. 0% Approval Rating : Even before King Dendup was liberated by the Onderon Rebels, the people of Iziz didn't seem very fond of Rash if the fear in the streets and the protests at … [1], Alternatively, the player can step into the spotlight, revealing Petryph's Imperial ties. However, many Onderonians refused to recognize the legitimacy of Rash's rule, as they preferred the neutral stance championed by former monarch Ramsis Dendup. During the evacuation, Rash was executed by General Kalani on Count Dooku's orders. King Sanjay Rash killed and Ramsis Dendup reinstated as king 5. Onderon Collector is a level 75 daily mission. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. With the CIS in control, Sanjay Rash was chosen to be the successor of the old king, but not as a true king, but as a puppet of Dooku to keep an eye on the planet. Charles Boyd goes on to say that the story taking place in the expansion is about the Republic fleet trying to get to Corellia where a battle is taking place and they stop at Onderon to refuel. Male[3] A brief history of Freedon Nadd, the Dark Lord who ruled as King of Onderon. This article needs appropriate citations. In fact, the game is doing its best to increase your gear score all the time. Kith Kark’s Saber Mandalorian Armor King Ommin’s Exoskeleton Queen Talia’s Necklace Tome of Freedon Nadd I’ve looked everywhere in their general location but can’t find them. 1 Background 2 Onderon's breif history 3 Construction of the Onderon Jedi Order 4 OJO Grand Master 5 OJO Council Masters 6 OJO Masters 7 OJO Knights 8 OJO Apprentices 9 OJO Adept In 4,400 BBY, Freedon Nadd conquered the planet and established a dark side theocracy. [Source]. Without power, the droids were unable to recharge and would eventually be disabled one by one. Back in the palace, General Tandin identified Steela and Saw Gerrera as well as Lux Bonteri as the key members of the rebels. The same night the rebels made an attack on the city's power generator, disabling it for good. [1], When the Imperial player first arrives at the Royal Hunting Lodge, Petryph is communicating with Senator Nebet, who inquired when he would be returning to the capital, but he rebuffed her demands. A brutish and savage race of “beast riders” were bred from the tyranny of Freedon Nadd – as his followers instilled havoc on Onderon and Iziz, sending the innocent opposers of Nadd into the harsh jungles to their deaths. The Onderon Jedi Order is a Jedi order located on the planet Onderon. [2][3], Following his ascension to the throne in 3633 BBY, Onderon had become a crucial breadbasket to the Galactic Republic amidst a galaxy-wide food shortage, but Petryph felt his government was inadequately compensated for his planet's contributions. Typically as far as canon goes they try to stay on the lighter side of things so in the SWTOR timeline Onderon is part of the Republic and there is a ruling royal family. Onderon Onderon is one of eight planets located in the Japrael system - which is found within the Japrael sector of the Inner Rim - a focal point of galactic politics from the time of the Freedon Nadd uprising in 4,400 BBY up to the end of the Sith Civil War in 3,950 BBY. Onderon rejoined the Republic Though Petryph ranted that neither she nor the Republic would rule Onderon, Nebet insisted he was nothing more than an Imperial pawn. Ramsis Dendup was a human male who served as the king of the planet Onderon during the Clone Wars, in which he tried to remain neutral. Back at Iziz, King Rash was desperate and demanded more troops from Count Dooku, but he wasn't interested in a prolonged war and ordered Kalani to retreat the remaining army to Agamar. Is located inside the ancient Sith Crypt. Hair color Soruuk sat in the high seat of the king of Onderon as his men retold acounts of the battle. Subsequently, the player thwarts an assassination attempt by Gand assassins hired by Savik before traveling to to the Ancient Proving Grounds to kill to abduct Petryph's cousins, Anosek and Anoser, and frame both incidents on Nebet and the nobles. Biographical information Queen Talia’s Necklace . Is inside a damaged tomb next to the crashed Republic ship. 1.74 meters[4] They set up a base in the mountains located to the east from Iziz. Once the Jedi made their way to the planet, they were led to their outpost in the jungle. When the Clone Wars began, King Ramsis Dendup was forced to either join up with the Galactic Republic or the Confederacy of Independent Systems. News. He proceeded to accuse her of plotting against him, to which she expresses confusion. Sanjay Rash knew better. Human (Onderonian)[3]