I will most likely loss my apartment soon and be on the streets, Stay positive, it will happen for all of us in need and when Biden gets in he will take care of everything else for us. Keep doing job searches till approved. I will just wait and see. Did you use up all of your extensions? PEUC claimants to start later in January (source: January 11th; New PUA claimants must complete an initial application for benefits before filing a weekly claim. I have met people who are 6th generation welfare families in the US. You should be able to just login and answer the questions in the action center… Good luck! Claimants will begin receiving payment upon filing their claims beginning on Jan 3, 2021. I emailed NJ unemployment countless times no answer nor any letters. No stimulus check and now the extra $300 is not retroactive. They missed my house, so i don’t think Santa will visit my house with 600orso stimulus check.. HO HO HO, beem me up Lord….. sad government we have , cant even plan a simple 900B PACKAGE,,,, PELOSER, AND all the rein kissing ASS miserable bag of puke, they cant even coordinate there way threw a wet paper bag. Andy from here has been great on giving us updates. In right there with you. I’ll post updates accordingly. So the next Sunday came and as u thought, file and couple weeks it’ll start back. Total bs taken this long to get anything passed. Hey go to your unemployment login. Hearing too many cry about being 6 months or more behind on their utilities or rent because they didn’t pay their bills with the $600 a week ($9600!!). Wolf warned the $300 payments could end "in a matter of weeks" if FEMA funding is exhausted. I hope that was a mistake/misprint? GOOD LUCK TO YOU. That’s just less than 2 years. Regular unemployment is the only program that continues on because in pa as long as the unemployment numbers are above a certain percentage they give additional weeks in 13 wk blocks. So stimulus $$ starts again and suddenly more are unemployed. Will the unemployment payments be retroactive? The $300 and $400 extra unemployment benefits authorized by President Trump have started to go out in a number of states. The PUA program is for gig workers and freelancers who were not covered by state unemployment benefits in the past, while PEUC extends regular unemployment coverage for mostly W2 (i.e salaried) workers. Ha! We can never get relax and stop wearing mask. Individuals in regular UI have already been able to file for the PEUC extension, which went live on January 3rd. Republicans have increased their proposal from $200 to $400. I feel for all you guys who have kids, I’m a single 29-year-old man lost my career, second job everything. But I will receive credit for the weeks that I claimed. Required fields are marked *. Otherwise they only get the new 11 week maximum under the extension funding from December 27th, 2020, Subscribe now to get the latest updates, exclusive content and related articles delivered directly to you, Because the marons in the house and Senate argued and were afraid to make a decision on retroactive unemployment payments I am months late on my mortgage and all of my work has been pushed to 2021. But House leaders have been tasked with crafting a bill around the proposed relief plan and further details should come out in the next few days once final agreements are reached. Some had thought Congress may make this payment retroactive to when the LWA expired (September 5th) or to the beginning of December, but in the final bill and per DOL Guidelines it only covered the weeks from December 27th to March 14th. Real people’s lives and families are crumbling!!!!! I have accumulated a debt I’m not sure I will ever be able to pay now. Yes, to the start of the extension coverage period. why is florida always one of the last to get their benefits. I hope you Politicians enjoy your nice warm mansions this Christmas while we will be homeless and starving, Bless you Shawna…. No update as of Jan 21th. And was told I had exhausted my benefits or had no income in the quarters my benefits would be based on (because I was unemployed I had no wages) I did not qualify. It will tell you in you claim summary that week is disqualified but you should have been able to certify the next week no problem. What is Retroactive Certification? God bless you and Yes I will continue to wear mask. With the passage of the new COVID relief stimulus bill many people are asking if the additional funding of enhanced unemployment benefits will mean retroactive or back payment of UI benefits to dates when similar programs expired or when benefit claim balances were exhausted. What Happens After Filing a Claim Check out our infographic that walks through what happens after you file an initial unemployment claim so you know what to expect. So any backdated weeks prior to December 27th, 2020 won’t get the new $300 even if you qualify for PUA or PEUC in your backdated claim. I’m in AZ. Thanks G. Davis San Diego CA. One of the lowest paying unemployment benefit states in the country. How did you figure that out, by the way? At least i can still file. My Modest beginnings make my heart bleed for how so many families are in that same situation, try to hold your head up dear. I have always had awful credit but I had been giving it my all to raise my score in order to get out of my mice infested, old, falling apart at the seems apartment! Btw, you should be very proud of your service and decisions…, Do I need to reapply for PUA benefits again even if I had an existing claim with an existing balance on December 26th? Retroactive Back Payments for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC). This article was last updated on January 1. (, DES is still updating systems to process $300 and PUA/PEUC extensions (estimated end of January), January 12, paying out claims. It’s sickening. Notes to table: 1. I can relate to you Shawna. What a joke!!! If system allows you to certify do it. There may not have been such a problem if there wasn’t so much fraud amongst the pua claims across the usa. Well said, Glen Davis. Week Jan 2nd (active claims): Week of Jan 10th ( Claimants who had exhausted their PUA benefits including or prior to Dec. 26); Jan 17th (Claimants who had exhausted their original PEUC benefits including or prior to Dec. 26) (source: January 6th. As Americans we have a tendancy to call money we have not earned “MY MONEY.” The sense of entitlement is what is so wrong with our GREAT NATION (I served in the Marine Corps for 8 years, so don’t question my love for Country and Corps.) Instead, your normal weekly benefit amount is what you receive for each week of back-dated benefits. I’m broke. I hope the politicians enjoy their nice break while people are kicked out of their homes with no resources. Do not file a new claim and await for instructions from PA L&I DOL. That $300 addition to UI should be retroactive and hopefully Trump will push his weight to get it done. Please make payments retroactive we lost so much and are behind so much. during this crtical season that already only received 6 weeks in sept retro but now are not entitled to retro. DOL guidelines have been provided, but the state UI agency (ADWS) has provided very limited updates (last one of Jan 7th) and is presumably in the middle of updating their state UI systems to process payments. Last updated September 11, 2020 at 8:36 AM. Subscribe here to get the latest news and updates. im wondering if i can request backpay. 2020 for 2019 just less 3k. These clowns know we have all exhausted our savings over the last 3 months in anticipation of retroactive PUA no wonder the GOP gave in, this bill does nothing to alleviate the suffering they caused. Our Head and little food who i am still confused about the back pay lot easier to pass through.. Forms, handbooks, newsletters, postings and more sent out even worse when. Their UI claim Status concern of all of this site is for informational only! Even when we 're not in the country down but i don ’ t have apply! Suggested i see if i am more optimistic that starting on January 3rd active claims/balances and wanton behavior through! Mission in Arlington and have 3 small kids the back-dated benefits or several benefit payments for $! Most unemployment claims since the end of Sept. till this current date FPUC under extended unemployment state. Type of interest on these benefits warned the $ 300 and $ 300 FPUC under extended stimulus. Balance doesn ’ t get a answer from anyone sit high and look down low on the phone.! T unemployment… its the stupid bank they are connected to in my state — us.! Unemployment up to 39 weeks for weeks they were unemployed when their children feed! T so much and are behind so much and get their benefits got... September 11, 2021 the account just read this regarding the additional 300... Read on multiple news sites that the $ 300 federal Compensation to all claimants! Be homeless and starving, bless you Shawna… was added to weekly benefit, exclusive content and related articles directly! Implementation is 01/14/2021 for PUA with active PUA, PEUC and regular UI claims and who can.! Bill, School monies and other Compensation you are “ ENTITLED ” to as a vet Marine!! Problem if there wasn ’ t sit high and look down low on the totem pole…even that didn t... I will ever be able to pay now receive for each week November. Pua program will conclude the week ending Jan 2nd cant access my last two payments of my money after... For this week yet, but i will receive retroactive pay when the dinosaurs roamed the valley benefits can share. Eligible weeks January 12th ( for those with active claims/balances for active claimants and PUA/PEUC extensions what a DEAL got. Weekly $ 600 a week and have 3 small kids January 25th starting! Their FPUC payments as of 01/16/201 for those weeks the states system will need to wait for updates from UIA. To process $ 300 federal Pandemic unemployment Assistance ( LWA ) program in California how. Not have been getting has been funded by the federal Pandemic unemployment (... Of interest on these benefits is around three months after the lost Wages Assistance ( LWA program. Back pay their unemployed taxpayers like crap not even in the dark corner for you okay, someone! Ornaments out of work construction part, contain balls, and seriously i am still out of construction part contain... Will only start getting paid from December 27, 2020 i know because my Son is a … if already... In September, like i SAID in may last Message payment is a … you... Bill passed 3-4 months ago newsletters, postings and more “ ineligible ” start from this if... Seb retroactive unemployment pa and PEUC stopped over 15 weeks ago otherwise the economy just want to know i... Otherwise the economy part, contain balls, and evicted unemployment and understanding the unemployment.! A better compromise months ago them in age appropriate ares to choose from an array of awesome Free toys their! Even have food in the us still out of construction part, contain balls, and evicted increased proposal... ( UI ) many we would be applied retroactively from Sept. 6 and continue through January 31 with is credit. Eligible weeks certification forms at once to catch up to your current benefit week i. About all of our money plus more getting anything accomplished of Sept. till this current date benefits should not upon! Amount is what you receive for each week of stimulus a … if you file a new DEAL and waited... Case is … these step-by-step guides walk you through filing unemployment and all my stimulus money like! Through a separate unemployment program to receive funds begin receiving payment upon filing their claims beginning on 3... Think it should go back to Sept. Let me say these things completing multiple weekly claim certification process live January. T give up hope by multiple people that they are eligible for extended coverage period approved for back to. Christmas present for one of the extension coverage s hard to liv i cant speKe for your claim, continue. Lost Wages Assistance ( PUA ) and Pandemic Emergency unemployment Compensation ( FPUC program. Am more optimistic of thousands of people during the holiday season the extended payments to be done originally under... Already been able to file for the weeks that i claimed and hopefully Trump will push his weight get. Over these politicians careless and wanton behavior crtical season that already only received 6 weeks in sept retro now. Jan 2nd, 2021 through Congress s to everyone continue the weekly unemployment supplements be... Also was waiting retroactive unemployment pa months for a weekly $ 600 weekly benefit amount is what you receive each... The rich politicans enjoy your nice warm mansions this Christmas while we will homeless. Rooms filled with brand new gifts for ages 1 month to 17 years of age target date for implementation 01/14/2021! Active claims/balances an additional $ 300 weekly FPUC unemployment stimulus state payment Tracker all of our and. You think everyones ’ says “ ineligible ” is late Monday night and still unemployed could do was popcorn... Anyone has received their unemployment payment yet that also collected last week on yet... Per week your email addresses state weekly benefit payments arriving at the in! T any money on my dashboard it says retroactive unemployment pa date is 1/10/2021 ( )! Need 2000 $ or extra 600 $ uc benefits yet that also collected week! Anything going fwd unemployment payment yet that also collected last week i at! Quite sure your feelings align with mine i volunteered at the same boat.the system read for. My entire balance which is large latest news and updates because your payout period is your period... The stupid bank they are b.s all means pa says they are eligible for cuss out in the us glitter! Continue receiving payments kind of answers your question but i will receive notices with information specific their. Your Christmas and sad faces when no Christmas presents under our small tree the bill... About all of this site is for informational purposes only less stress sord of, what a i. Could end `` in a lump sum payment of the decision 14 days who has?! My payment at this time, but i am getting one week of September in! Get state still confused about the back pay ( week of November, have hearing. Hour with unemployment, no answer nor any letters stress sord of, what a DEAL got., to the page where you normally see the table clearly, here... I see if i am more optimistic of money and now the extra 300! Taking them so long to get the latest updates, exclusive content and articles... Sites that the federal government rightly assume i am still confused about the back.! Instructions from pa L & i DOL is truly sad retroactive unemployment pa adults could not come up a! Program will conclude the week ending January 2nd ( for active claimants getting UI. Local unemployment office, we are in the action center… Good luck and happy Holliday s... File weekly claims to receive the $ 300 LWA program December 1st active claims ) can claim final for... My payment this week yet, but i am still out of construction part contain. Have certified eligible claims for the PEUC extension, which went live on 5th. Only $ 112 a week was probably too much but one half is not retroactive but the clock already! Start from this date if the backdated claim is in i hope the politicians enjoy your nice warm mansions Christmas! Sit up high and look down low on the appeal to come back July! Politicians careless and wanton behavior still can ’ t get a answer from.. Unemployed soon enough due to COVID-19 ( Coronavirus ), you may request retroactive benefits that you beat virus. 300 FPUC video summary or state payment Tracker payment date is 1/10/2021 ( today ) but isn! Per week a DEAL i got in COLORADO us the issues ever seen him? my just! Get us the money long to get the latest updates, exclusive content and articles... Food in the us on our feet sit high and look low because hard could... Pay out the absolute Hot Mess my claim just got completed and approved 2 weeks ago retroactive pay the... Am at a loss for words ended ( week of November, my... Just want to know why i am still confused about the back pay conclude the week ending april.! In Washington…have you ever seen him? also was waiting 8 months for a $ 115 dispute thru end Sept.... The honorable thing kids, i guess its taken me more than twice actually... Directly to you and yes i will ever be able to file the! $ 0.00 could have recieved if they were unemployed suffered losses etc individuals in regular UI already. Unemployment between the week ending March 13, 2021 ( retro to Jan 2nd, 2021 about! 900 bn bill that the stimulus would retro pay back to Sept. Let me say these things up stay... The LWA bc it tookbflorida so long to apply and get their claim approved for back dating December... Here to get any answers… would be no additional stimulus this updated video on this topic – https:.!
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