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Why Most Golf Fitness Programs Fail

It’s rare these days to find a golfer who is serious about improving their game but doesn’t have some sort of fitness routine. I’ve seen a lot of different programs and read a lot of articles touting to be the key to a better game. Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of golfers and I’ve talked with even more. There is a growing dissatisfaction with “golf specific” programs. I’ve talked to multiple high level golfers who refused to work with a trainer who advertised as golf specific.


Best Exercise for Golf: Part 3

Catch up on part 1 and part 2 of this series if you missed them. How To Deadlift I’ll admit writing this particular blog has been difficult. Trying to describe how to do an exercise with only words is challenging. Especially an exercise that seems so simple yet has so many finer points, like the deadlift. I am usually able to demonstrate this exercise in person, then coach my clients step by step on these finer points. I can use any number of verbal or physical cues based on what I see my client doing right there in front of me.


Change Your Workout

The off-season has come to an end and you’re back to the grind of touring again. Hopefully you used a good off-season program to recover well from last season, make physical gains to improve your game, and properly prepare yourself for the rigors of this season (if not, give me a call quick and we can start before it’s too late).


The Worst Thing You Could Do For Your Golf Swing

The number one mistake golfers (and ALL athletes) make in the gym is mimicking their sport-specific movements with resistance.